Less than three

A while back, I decided I wanted to go to Australia. It was shortly after I left London after studying there for almost four months, and I couldn’t wait to keep exploring the world. Hell, I couldn’t wait to explore the whole of East London. Alas, I had to finish school, I didn’t have any money and according to my parents (and everyone else) I needed to go do that whole ‘get a job, make a living, start a career thing.’ Right.

Well, done and done. And done. A few years passed, five to be precise, but I hadn’t forgotten about Australia. In fact, my time back home only led me back there, to a continent so distant I could barely point out its major cities on a map. At this point, it was more a matter of curiosity. If I can cut it here, can I cut it there? Can I cut it anywhere? (Note: When I say “cut it” I do not mean “cut it” in the sense of a lot of other ambitious NYC young professionals out there. I mean I can pay my rent, buy toothpaste and enjoy a few $2 PBRs every now and then. Really, does one need more?)

Couple that with the fact that I was 25, single and at a job I’d grown out of, the choice seemed clear. So, on a cold, February afternoon, I took the leap. I gave the nice man my credit card, told him to book me a round-trip flight with as much time abroad as possible (he told me 5 months) and signed my name. Then I drank a very, very large margarita.

Since that day, I’ve purchased myself a 6 month visa, paid off my flight and quit my full-time job to go freelance. And so, the countdown begins.

September 10, 2007.

(Oh yeah, that’s probably when this blog will get a bit more interesting.)


2 responses to “Less than three

  1. just stating this for the record: by titling this blog “25 and under” (nice work with the pun, by the way) you have to come back to us by march of ’08 in time for sxsw!

  2. yes, especially if I win my free JetBlue flight to “my favorite shopping destination” Austin, too!

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