saying goodbye…to my shoes

Ok, two posts in a row about shoes, I know.

One of the most difficult things about this trip will be packing for it. You’re only allowed to take 33 lbs with you on The Oz Experience (the tour I’m doing). I think my shoes alone weigh 33 lbs.  So…

Missa918 (4:31:29 PM): dude HEELS
Missa918 (4:31:33 PM): you need a pair of heels
dazey311 (4:31:39 PM): i don’t know!
dazey311 (4:31:43 PM): won’t they take up too much space
Missa918 (4:31:47 PM): one pair!
dazey311 (4:31:50 PM): do people wear heels in oz
Missa918 (4:31:53 PM): haha i dont know, i couldnt pack for this trip
dazey311 (4:31:57 PM): i guess one. i can’t either
Missa918 (4:31:59 PM): im sure they wear them out!
dazey311 (4:32:07 PM): actually, it will prob take me long to pack bc i won’t know what to do
Missa918 (4:32:31 PM): yea thats daunting
dazey311 (4:34:09 PM): that’s gonna be the hardest thing
dazey311 (4:34:11 PM): isn’t that so sad
dazey311 (4:34:17 PM): leaving my friends, city, family
dazey311 (4:34:23 PM): leaving my shoes will prob be the hardest
dazey311 (4:34:35 PM): ill probably cry
dazey311 (4:34:51 PM): like, i can talk to everyone from there
dazey311 (4:34:54 PM): but i can’t wear my shoes

33 lbs!


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