ruminations on loneliness

I do not like being alone.

Whenever I tell new acquaintances I’m going to Australia to travel, the first words out of their mouths are usually, “I’m jealous!” The second? “Wow! Who are you going with?” When I answer, “Myself?” their excited expressions change, morphing into an odd mix of sympathy and shock.

Loneliness is a funny thing — especially in New York. You’re constantly surrounded by people, so doing something alone seems even more out of the ordinary. I imagine people looking at me thinking, ‘In a city of almost 9 million people, you couldn’t find one person to go to the movies with?’ Most of the people lounging alone on street corners are either homeless or getting paid to hawk a flyer. All those people sipping coffee at cafes on street corners? They have a computer hooked up to AIM or a blackberry to keep them constantly connected. In a city whose residents usually walk at a 15-mile-an-hour pace, it’s hard to go it alone without an agenda.

This, I hope, is not the case in Australia.

I suspect I’ll be OK – after all, the tour I’m going with is almost constantly sold out (they recommend booking your seat well in advance). Still, I can’t help but wonder if a little alone time wouldn’t be such a bad thing. That might turn out to be the biggest adventure of all.


One response to “ruminations on loneliness

  1. You’ll be okay…you’ll be lonely at times but you’ll get to learn about yourself while taking in the beauty of Australia.

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