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The Noozles

I’ve always loved Koala Bears. I had a stuffed one when I was a baby, which is probably where that stemmed from.

This brings me to the Noozles. Does anyone else remember this show? It was about the adventures of a girl and her koala, except all the koala did all day was sit in the tree outside her house eating eucalyptus. For some reason, I loved this show.


Oh animé. This probably set the stage for my later love of Pokémon.

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By golly, I won a van!

Bear with me.

You know when you learn a new word, or see an old movie for the first time or discover an artist, and all of the sudden that new thing is everywhere? Obviously, the references were there all along — you just never paid attention.

Sometimes, this phenomenon will occur with people. Kim had been itching to “set me up” with one of her friends from Glamour, Christine. She’d been in Thailand teaching English for a few months, and was finally back in the States. She thought we’d bond…for obvious reasons. Two weeks ago, I met her. Lovely girl, free spirit, someone I admired pretty much the instant I met her. (It probably helped she had a rapport with Dan, the most awesomest Glamour photog of all time.) A few days later Christine sent Kim a link to send to me. They give you a van, you blog.


Well, I got it! It’s amazing how one person can change, or in this case, add to, your life experience so quickly. My essay, below the jump. Continue reading

Less than two

I’ve now got about 6 weeks to go in New York.

I guess things are falling into place. I’ve started to pack up my apartment, my roommate is moving out, I’ve purchased my tour, heard from my friend down under. (Check the lovely comments she leaves for me on MySpace, they’re hilarious.) She even has a phone for me to “get numbers of hot Australian men.” Well, I’m glad that’s covered!

But seriously, as my time here dwindles, it’s become clear just how important it is to spend time with people I actually want to see. I hate to say it, but it’s not the time for new friends, or crushes or whomever. I barely get to see the people I care about as it is. If I have a free minute, I’m going to spend it with them. It’s kind of amazing how a limited time frame makes you realize what’s actually important in life. I guess that’s why this movie was made, right? Good lord.

I need help though – to bring the computer or not to bring? I’ll have a blackberry for instant email/IM/web…but how to dl pix to show you guys? Thoughts?

In other, way more interesting news, here’s me as a Simpson.




I hope to be doing more of this when I get over there. You can see more on my flickr.


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My return…and killer wombats

Over the past few days, some have complained I do not update this blog enough. Fair enough, but I must reiterate, this is not a blog about my daily life. (Though, of course, my daily life is totally exciting and obviously worth reading about). This is not a place where I will be making such statements as, “I saw Once last Friday. It was one of the most beautiful, touching films I have seen in a very long time. It was real. It was heartbreaking. It was lovely. You should see it.” No, I won’t be doing that here.

This is my travel blog, and hence, will be on all things travel-related. I honestly just didn’t think the other stuff would be as interesting.

And so, to keep with the theme, I present “Stupid Aussie Kid Bitten By Wombat.”

Way better than my movie picks, right?