My return…and killer wombats

Over the past few days, some have complained I do not update this blog enough. Fair enough, but I must reiterate, this is not a blog about my daily life. (Though, of course, my daily life is totally exciting and obviously worth reading about). This is not a place where I will be making such statements as, “I saw Once last Friday. It was one of the most beautiful, touching films I have seen in a very long time. It was real. It was heartbreaking. It was lovely. You should see it.” No, I won’t be doing that here.

This is my travel blog, and hence, will be on all things travel-related. I honestly just didn’t think the other stuff would be as interesting.

And so, to keep with the theme, I present “Stupid Aussie Kid Bitten By Wombat.”

Way better than my movie picks, right?


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