The Noozles

I’ve always loved Koala Bears. I had a stuffed one when I was a baby, which is probably where that stemmed from.

This brings me to the Noozles. Does anyone else remember this show? It was about the adventures of a girl and her koala, except all the koala did all day was sit in the tree outside her house eating eucalyptus. For some reason, I loved this show.


Oh animé. This probably set the stage for my later love of Pokémon.

The full wiki plot description, after the jump.

Sandy Brown’s father is an archaeologist who mysteriously disappears. One day, Sandy receives a package containing a stuffed Koala named Blinky that was lost in a shipwreck 38 years ago. Sandy gives the koala a Noozle (another term for an Eskimo Kiss) and it revives him from “magic sleepytime”. They are soon joined by Blinky’s sister Pinky who appears out of thin air soon after Blinky is awakened and demands immediately that Blinky return with her to Koala-Wala land, Blinky refuses however, and the trio go on to have many adventures together. Blinky is able to sustain himself while living on Earth with Sandy because of the Eucalyptus tree that Sandy’s grandmother had planted 38 years ago when her grandfather (who had also mysteriously disappeared, just before the ship was lost) told her that he was sending a Koala as a gift, as Sandy’s grandmother had expressed that she had always wanted one as a pet.

It takes Sandy some time to determine that the “noozle” is the action that revives Blinky from magic sleepytime. She does this several times without thinking about it and gets frustrated over the fact that Blinky falls asleep repeatedly (during which time his appearance is similar to that of an ordinary stuffed animal) and stubbornly refuses to awaken until she realizes what she must do to revive him.

Soon, Sandy discovers Koala-Wala Land. Koala-Wala Land and Earth are parallel worlds in different dimensions that are dangerously linked. Unlike Earth, Koala-Wala Land is a spherical-space rather than a solid planet, and its “core” is a somewhat dangerous place filled with brightly colored orbs, which when touched by bare hands immediately entrap that person forever with no escape. These colored orbs are used as a sort of prison-region, as shown when two robbers from Earth (Frankie and Spike, who followed Blinky, Pinky and Sandy through a portal) were apprehended for various misdeeds while in Koala-Wala Land.

Sandy’s grandfather, who had discovered an entrance to Koala-Wala Land while in Australia, ultimately becomes trapped in one of those orbs, but when Sandy finally locates him, only his spirit remains within the orb, trapped in a limbo-like state. She is able to communicate with him empathically by placing her hands towards her grandfather’s, palm to palm, with only Pinky’s protective bubble preventing direct contact with the orb. Ultimately, Sandy and the Noozles (her koala friends) manage to take two special crystals and separate the worlds where they are joined at Uluru. There is a tearful farewell before Blinky and Pinky return to their world forever.

And this bit of fascinating trivia:

In 1984, the Tama Zoo in western Tokyo welcomed its first koala, and the government of Australia sent six koalas to Japan as a token of goodwill. As a result, according to The Anime Encyclopedia by Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy, Japan went into a koala frenzy and anything to do with koalas became very popular. It was during this “koala-mania” that the Noozles was made, as was another anime, コアラボーイ コッキィ(Koala Boy Kokki), which would later be broadcast alongside Noozles on Nickelodeon‘s Nick Jr. block in 1988, as Adventures of the Little Koala.


2 responses to “The Noozles

  1. I remember that show!!! All that stupid bear did was eat leaves…

    We probably watched it together didn’t we?

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