Hi, my name is Robin, and I’m addicted to the Internet.

Let me preface this by saying I’ve been online (AOL, AIM or some other rendition) since 7th grade. I’ve done the chat room thing; I’ve even met my chat room friends in person, and I believe wholeheartedly in away messages.

So when I found myself alone in my apartment with no Internet to speak of, I did what any other addict would do. I left my apartment and banged on my neighbors’ doors in the hopes one of them would share their password with me. My startled building-mates found me standing there, practically begging: “Your password? For $10? Just for four days? I’m moving, I swear I’m not crazy. Just give me the Internet now, please. Please?” I was desperate.

And? I returned to my apartment a failure. The girl across the hall didn’t have Internet, and my next door neighbor gave me a funny look (It said, Seriously?) and told me he’d knock when his roommate returned home. No one else was home, and I never heard a knock. Miserable in my defeat, I turned on the TV, made a few phone calls and cracked open a magazine. You know when you leave your cell at home, and all day you feel like you’re missing your left foot, or something as equally important? It felt like that.

So today I’m downstairs at the local cafe, using their free internet (fine, $1.2o if you count the tea I had to buy), feeding, confronting and accepting, my addiction. Am I ashamed? A little, yeah. but I am what I am.

I write this because I’m curious what will happen to this addiction down under. I expect it will be like giving up anything else. Painful at first, then, suddenly, not. Hopefully I’ll find a few nice cafes, do my writing, and go. Eventually, that will feel OK. (Or, you know, I’ll check my BlackBerry every five seconds, let’s be serious.)

In all honestly, I’d like to try and be less available. We shall see.

——- Plus! ——–

Stay tuned for the brand-spakin’ new direction of this blog…I’m excited! (What do you think I just expected you to come here and read about my Internet addiction? Psha.)


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