My new nabe

Ok people, I’m not in Australia just yet, but there’s no better time to start blogging day to day life. Aren’t you all excited! I’ve already said goodbye to my girls Meredith and Missy (waaa!) and feel completely out of my element crashing at friends places and facing a few months (!?) without work. I feel this deserves a big ‘ol WTF.


So last night, my last night seeing Meredith for a good few months, she asked me the question, “What do you want to get out of this? What’s your goal?” I responded with an answer similar to the van essay on this blog, so please go ahead and read that for the main answer to that question. But on another, lighter level, there’s a lot of stuff I want to do…so here is the first of 25 goals of 25 and under.

.5. learn to DJ! (this is a half goal, I want to do it, but prob won’t in the next 6 months! Hmm, can wearing these headphones and being in the booth fulfill my 1/2 goal? I say…suuuure)

1. Blog…every…single…day (even if I can’t post, try to write every day)

It’s hard for me to write everything down. I’m always impressed by musicians and writers who jot everything down on a whim and come back to it later. I write nothing down, and I think it’s been detrimental. Whenever I write something down on the page it feels “less” than what was in my head. Doesn’t translate. So here’s to trying. If I’m boring, I apologize in advance.

So today I went to lunch with a friend of a friend. We’ve never hung out alone before, but I wanted eggs and he was in my temporary neighborhood. After a few IMs and way too many “I’m leaving in 5 minutes” messages I found myself at Atlas cafe with a plate full of eggs and a new friend. It was nice – we talked about the media industry, relationships, our jobs (ok, my non-job) and life in general. It was a typical New York Saturday morning – hanging with a new-ish friend, grabbing a bite. So why did I feel like I was cheating!?

I want to see my friends as much as possible before I ship out, so any time I’m taking some down time for myself or seeing someone new, I feel guilty. I’ve been sitting here alone for the past few hours, very happily watching baseball/football, etc. but I feel like I should be out with a friend or home with my family. If not those things, well, I better be doing errands. It’s a very stressful existence!

Back to breakfast. One thing we talked about, which was nice to talk out with someone who wasn’t a close friend, was the ubiquitous “You better not meet a guy over there!” line I’ve been getting from everyone and their grandmother. Fine, my grandmother. It sounds nice on the surface, and it’s nice to know there are people who care about me here who want me to come home, but deep down, it feels like those closest to me are “against” me meeting someone I like. I do want to meet someone over there – actually, I hope to meet a lot of people over there. People who will be close to me in the future, who I’ll want to go visit, who will visit me. I don’t want to be alone during this, and I hope the relationships I make in the upcoming months will be meaningful ones. To have those closest to me hope for the opposite is quite jarring. Am I going into this looking for a boyfriend? Of course not. If I do magically meet someone, will they all be upset with me? I’m hoping not, but it’s uncomfortable for me to hear that from friends. It’s funny the things you can talk about freely and openly with people not so close to you. A little distance is good sometimes.

On a happier note, it’s nice to be reassured that it’s easy to meet people and make friends – no matter where I am. New friend here, new friends TK there đŸ™‚

On the way home I passed a few Aussie restaurants. Tuck Shop and Bondi Road. They both had fish and chips and lots of fried stuff. And beer, a lot of beer. I’m stereotyping, just as those in other countries must think America is all burgers and tacos hot dogs and Budweiser. (Wait…it is, isn’t it.)

So I stepped on the scale immediately when I got home to make a mental note of the number. I went super-chunk when I was studying in England (which was fine, I enjoyed every single Shepherd’s Pie I ate) but I did my darndest to lose the weight when I got back, and have kept it off ever since. I love to eat and I’m SO not a stickler for weight, but I know I’ve got to watch it over there, lest I want to give up my precious bagels and cream cheese again. And no, I do not want to that!




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