Move this!

Find out what that’s all about…after the jump.
I feel like there are going to be a lot of these days. I have nothing to say. I could tell you all about how I faxed, e-mailed, called and sat in offices to get various things done before my trip. You know, bank account, international driver’s permit, bus pass voucher, adaptors, Blackberry blah blah blah blah blah.

But I don’t want to.

Instead, here is my new bag. It came today! It has TWO big sections instead of just one, and I can get into it from the bottom and the top. I know this is very exciting for all of you. And the top section comes off and becomes a lumbar pillow. Genius, these people!


And an hour ago my dad brushed me up on how to drive stick. I actually did well! So yes, I should be OK driving that van. My manually gifted brother Jeff will be coming along in case of emergency, but I’m glad I feel like I can do this. (You got to move this, you got to, do it riiiight!) That’s what I hear when I think about driving this thing. Aw yeah.

Hmm, come to think of it. Let’s make that goal #2. Drive that friggin’ van, stick and all! Move this!


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