t minus 1 day

I’m sitting on a train platform in Huntington station. My brand new red bag (yes, I know I’ve talked a lot about the stupid bag) is sitting in front of me, half packed. A Brooklyn Industries bag is on the bench next to my purse. In it: a bottle of Robinvale Chardonnay from Northwest Victoria, a going away gift from Emily and a shirt for Jackie’s boyfriend, Shannon.


I’m worried it’s even cooler than the tee I got her. Is that a stupid thing to be worried about? Is it even more stupid I’m worrying about this in a public forum?

Since they’re opening up their home to me, I wanted to give them a bit of my home. It was fun wandering the LES shopping, mostly because I never do it for myself. I found an adorable, ripped ’80s-style tee for her, and got Shan’s at Brooklyn Industries today.

I’d like to write about today…this weekend….but….has to sink in a little more, I’m afraid.


One response to “t minus 1 day

  1. I left you an e-mail, but I have a feeling you’re checking this more. On my way to work today I saw a guy walking around Noho with a huge Blue bag on his back. This bag was overtaking him and he was probably about 6ft tall, I can’t even imagine what you must look like with your red bag on (though at this point I have a feeling that it’s contents have probably taken over your room at Jackies!) Anyway, it made me think of you!

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