Kochie, Kilda & Krowns

Here’s one thing about Australian morning shows: they have infomercials!

I’m sitting on the couch, eating my delicious omelette watching the host go on about his pink shirt and the new term “metrosexuals” (which they defined onscreen), when they cut to another host, interviewing a woman about her carpet-cleaning products.

Carpet-cleaning products? “Jackie, surely, there must be more interesting things to discuss on morning television that carpet-cleaning products?”

“It’s an infomercial!”

Yes, they’ve got them on during the morning show. I learned about an ab-roller, a veggie cutter and of course, said carpet-cleaner. Who knew. Five minutes later, we were back to the metrosexuals. They asked you to call in and vote on whether or not the host should change his pink shirt to blue. Personally, I liked the pink.

Over one, on channel 7, I was mesmerized by morning host David Koch, or “Kochie” on Sunrise. He was very excited to do a guest spot on one of the soaps.

I thought he looked exactly like that character actor from Ocean’s 13. No?


Oceans Thirteen guy =



Okay, on TV, at least, more so.

I didn’t go on much about St. Kilda yesterday. It’s a beach-town, packed with sweet shops and tons of boho boutiques. We shopped, I fell in love with a pair of grey leather and suede Mary-Janes that were almost $200, and…we left. Bye shoes 😦

Interestingly enough, having not shopped all summer, I felt it hard to get back into it. I have no closet to fill, no real events to plan for. I bought a shirtWe ate burgers at Greasy Joes…stuffed, came back home and collapsed.

So – Crowns. Melbourne, believe it or not, is a casino town. There are restaurants, games, slots, movies, bowling, all in the casino. It’s about 5 blocks long, and it’s a jewel of the town. Tonight they’ll have the footy game on a huge TV in the middle of the floor, and hundreds of men will gather ‘round, drink and watch the men on the telly beat each other up.

As they say here – fintasteek.


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