I’m gonna be on TV!


I met a cute boy today. His name was Ben, he had floppy hair, a cool sweatshirt and a warm smile. I took a photo of him for an assignment, and in turn, he asked me if I’d help him out with his assignment. Turns out his “assignment” was interviewing me for a cable show on the Christian Channel.
What the hey! He was in Uni and studying film. He asked me all sorts of “lifestyle” questions, and because I kept giving OK answers (in other words, I gave more than the standard one word) he kept asking.

I can’t remember them all exactly, but here are a few:

Do you have respect for the Australian or United States government? Do you think people do in general?

I said I couldn’t speak for the Australian government or its people just yet, but that I did not think people had much respect for the US government at the moment, or at least not for George Bush. I’m ready to see him go, and I’m hoping the rest of the country is ready for a serious change, too. (PLEASE!) It becomes hard to respect a government that authorized a war based on false evidence, and has not kept its President in check, even after countless scandals. Wiretapping, outing a CIA agent, Guantanamo…it pains me to even read the news.

I didn’t go that much into detail, but no, I don’t think I’ve got much respect left.

What do you turn to for direction in life?

I really had no idea on this one. I think it’s a hard enough question to sit down with on your own, let alone answer in less than 30 seconds on camera. In the end, I said my friends. I do look to them – though whether I want to follow their path or turn and walk the opposite way ultimately comes from some other place. It’s good to have some healthy competition, too. Keeps me moving.

Do you think people are too individualized these days? (!?!?!?!)

I was a bit taken aback by this one. “No!” I replied, kind of shocked. “If anything, I think we’re too homogenized.” I pointed out the kids and adults around us, all outfitted in similar clothing, whether it be suits or school uniforms or skinny jeans and headbands. Halfway around the world, and we all look the same. Individuality is what makes us human — how can you ever have too much of that?

Can’t remember the rest, and I’m sure they were worded somewhat differently, but it was an interesting few minutes, to say the least. Wonder if Ben knew he was talking to a Jewish girl for the Christian channel? I’m sure it doesn’t matter, but it crossed my mind.

He was still cute. And now I have his #.


2 responses to “I’m gonna be on TV!

  1. You should live with a Christian family in Chapter 6 of Confessions Of A Couch Surfer.

  2. This is amazing. I didn’t know there WAS a Christian Channel, but I guess I’m not surprised. Ben’s representing well-Christians with style.

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