Public bathrooms, whoopee!



As I’m walking around downtown Melbourne, searching for fashionable under 23s for an assignment, I noticed a few things worth noting.

1. The store signs hang down in front of you, so as you walk the streets you are constantly barraged by consumerism.

2. There are malls! Let’s say you want to go from parallel Street A to Street B. You do not have to go to Street C, and walk around – you can actually walk through one of the connecting malls and emerge on the other side, to Street B. There are tons of these in the CBD (Central Business District). They come in handy in winter, I guess!

3. The two main department stores — Myer and David Jones — are right across the street from each other. Talk about competition!

4. There are public bathrooms! Lots of them! YAYY!

5. They don’t cut up the sushi rolls. It’s one long roll you eat with your fingers!
It is weird for me, obviously, being on my own in a strange city. It is not something I do often. I woke up yesterday, went for a quick run before sprinting back inside from the rain, then ate breakfast and hopped on the tram into the city.

The tram is $3.20 for two hours, which is kind of cool. The city also has a train system, but the tram, if you’re in Zone 1 is the preferred form of transportation. I spent about 5 hours downtown, half-working, half wandering around. I started on the main strip of Bourke street, where tons of Melbournians and tourists were doing their mid-afternoon shopping and made my way over to the South Bank of the Yarra.

I didn’t shop much (again, just not into it right now), preferring instead to simply people watch the day away. Men in suits and kids in school uniforms dominated the streets. Up in Fitzroy, where I’m staying, the uniform is decidedly hipster.

On the South Bank of the Yarra there’s another whole mall structure – full on 3 level thing, food court and all. It dawned on me that most newer cities do actually do this. Denver had its strip, LA has one as well. NY has its Manhattan Mall. I think I went there once in the past 4 years, to eat at the food court with Kim.

Ok now I’m hungry. Brekkie!


One response to “Public bathrooms, whoopee!

  1. Alan Jay Schwartz

    Good day!! Nice to get a view of the action for you! We will let you know what’s up here-keep in touch. Have a great and safe time!!

    Aunt C & Unlce A

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