Trivia in the burbs



I suppose this is why I only play in foreign countries. If, per chance, there is an “easy” question about the US, at least I can answer those and seem somewhat smart. And because some of the questions will inevitably be specific to that country, I’m off the hook a bit.

So, now I can say I’ve done trivia nights in Scotland and Australia, and wholeheartedly sucked at both. Go me! I did enjoy a Carlton “pot” (half a pint) or two, and of course the company of a few upstanding Aussies, which made it a very enjoyable night indeed.This morning, however, I went to Ford headquarters in Broadmeadows to attend Jackie’s charity event. The event benefited the JDRF — the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation — and raised more than $4000. Go Jack!

And I ate two sausages and walked around with a donation can. I felt like Santa!

It felt good to be doing something productive with my time (other than wandering about poking into stores) and I’m glad I got to help out on such a big day for Jackie.

SIDENOTE: Congratulations Emily and Justin!!! 


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