We’re in business!

I activated my checking card today. Isn’t this exciting for everyone? It’s amazing how just having a cell phone and a local bank card can make you feel like a real person again.

Road trip to the Great Ocean Road Saturday!

I like Melbourne, but I’ve got to say the natural beauty of Australia is what I came halfway around the world to see:



In other news, didn’t do much today except watch a movie about poop. It was good. Sometimes exploring a country through its entertainment is just as important as exploring its landmarks, wouldn’t you agree?


3 responses to “We’re in business!

  1. just catching up on all your posts….didn’t realize u were so prolific….sounds/looks good to me….Luv U.

  2. Totally. I’m just now (finally) watching the DVDs of the British Office and I’m learning so much about that culture.

  3. The new Hockey Jerseys are stupid. They look like a small dress.

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