Shut Up And Drive

I’ve always wanted to take a photography class. Actually, at this point, I’d settle for someone showing me how to use the different settings on my camera. All I do is point…and…click. Kind of sad. However, there are some sights beautiful enough to do just that. Just looks good no matter what you do. Observe:

More pix and info about my trip after the jump…

After a lovely Friday evening spent shopping (1 cardigan, 1 necklace, 2 CDs) and eating Thai, we set off for the Great Ocean Road Saturday morning. It was a pristine day — not a cloud in the sky — and it felt good to be getting out of the city.

The Great Ocean Road is the southernmost road in Victoria, and boy is it a sight to see. It hugs the coast of the Southern Ocean, touching miles and miles of gorgeous coastline along the way. We wound through Torquay (Tor-key), Anglesea, Apollo Bay and Port Campbell, stopping off about every 5 seconds to take pictures on the side of the road. If you’ve done the PCH in California, you have an idea — but the biggest difference is the water. Pure aqua blue. The only thing between us and Antarctica was Tasmania, and the water looked like pure blue-green ice.

We stopped at Bell’s beach, famous for its surfing, then made our way to Lorne, one of the larger beach towns on the coast.

After settling into our hotel suite, we got comfy at the bar for the 4 p.m. footy game. Footy + few pots of beer, a plate full of nachos and a huge bowl of fries = the perfect Aussie Saturday afternoon.

Next morning we headed off to Port Campbell along the Shipwreck Coast. More than 200 ships crashed there, mostly during the 19th century, bringing hopeful immigrants and sailors to Australia. Sadly, most of them perished on the ridiculously unforgiving coastline.

By mid-afternoon we reached the 12 Apostles, then grabbed lunch in adorable Port Campbell. The drive home inland was through miles and miles of green farms….just beautiful.


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