Bones. Bones. Bones. AKA Craig, but Bones to those of us on the Oz Ed adventure tour from Melbourne to Sydney. It was recently revealed to me he was 39, but the man doesn’t act a day over 28. My favorite moment with Bones: getting continuously pummeled by him with snow balls, then finally getting him back right on the neck from 3 feet away. Brilliant.

Me: Sitting outside the Melbourne hostel with Jackie, freaking out about leaving to hit the road alone. An Oz Ex bus pulls up, and an older man with a crew cut hops out and asks me my name. Crew cut? Come on, this is an adventure! I find out he’s going to Adelaide. Five minutes later, tall, lanky man-boy struts down the street with the biggest head of hair I’ve ever seen. This is who I want. This is who I get 🙂

Asian fetish (also revealed by one of my tour-mates after we’d gotten off the bus); grew up in Torquay; 39; second longest-working Adventure Tours tour guide; wombat spotter du jour; overall awesome dude.


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