Jack and Shan


My hosts. My wonderful, wonderful hosts in Melbourne.

For those of you who don’t know the lovely Ms. Jacklyn Honig, she and I went to high school together on Long Island. Before we became fast friends at Ward Melville, she was known as “tall Jackie” by Melissa, who knew her from Hebrew School.

Eventually Jackie decided to study abroad in Melbourne — soon after she met “tall Shannon.” Shannon is a defenseman for the Kangaroos footy team. Tall Jackie and tall Shannon fell in love, Jack finished Penn State and promptly moved back to Australia. Now they’ve got an awesome house, an even awesomer dog named George and the most grateful spare-room crasher ever, moi!

They are my base, my comfort and my best friends here in Australia 🙂


Jack on the Great Ocean Road, at Bell’s Beach.


Shannon in the car on the way to Healesville Animal Sanctuary.


2 responses to “Jack and Shan

  1. “Tall Jackie” haha, love it!

  2. everyone says “hi”…..love those smiling faces

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