Jennie, Gethin, Tarina and Tom


Jennie: “Lives” with me in my hostel room @ Base Backpackers. She’s the shit — talkative, sweet, funny and was offically our Sydney tour guide 5 minutes after arriving into town. One of my favorite Sydney-siders and roomies already! Is having boy problems with a guy-friend who obviously wants more, but can’t get over the fact she doesn’t want to sleep with him. She called him out on it on the phone last night in a fantastic conversation Tarina got to hear first-hand. Hmm…where have I heard this before? (You know who I’m talking about, lady!)

Gethin: One of my Oz Ex buddies. Traveling up the coast for a few weeks before heading home. Sweetie pie from North Wales who does the best rendition of the famous Aussie poem “The Man From Snowy Mountains.” If you ever have the chance to have a Welshman read you this poem, I strongly suggest you do so. Did the famous Harbour Bridge climb yesterday after I justified the price to him numerous times. I’ve yet to find out if it was worth it, but it better have been! Has been with Lisa for only 5 months, but she’s cool he’s here 🙂

Tarina: Oh Tarina! My girl left this morning for surf camp and I miss her dearly already. This crazy Canadian from Vancouver is traveling up the east coast for 3 months, though I’m pretty sure she’ll fall in love with a surfer boy in Byron Bay and stay there the entire time. That is, if she doesn’t run back to Ben in Melbourne. What happens if you meet a hot Aussie the first week you get there and he wants you to come stay with him and you actually want to? Girl left Melbourne to stay with him for 4 days, then met up with us on the way to Wilson’s Prom. She seemed so sad, so I said hi and we bonded instantly. (This is probably because she told me all about Ben and how he was in bed within the first 30 seconds of our conversation.) Have gotten pissed with her 3 times already. Oh…Sunday night. I love her because she did karaoke with me with little to no begging 🙂 Night ended in a sauna singing #41 with her guitar at 3 a.m. A night I’ll never forget. Miss her already.


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