I recommend: Surfing Spot X, partying with nobs and listening to Triggerfm

First: Why is uploading pictures SO freaking slow!?! I’ve taken a few movies but forget that.

In any case, will sit down at the freeeee internet cafe later and grab a coffee, but for now, just a quick update.

Sitting in a little cafe in Byron Bay right now, waiting to go to a new hostel: The Arts Factory. Otherwise known as “the hippie commune in Byron Bay.” I checked it out yesterday though, and it’s sick! One room is even a double decker bus. Plus a huge, awesome bar, restaurant and movie theater. Oh yeah, AND a pool, AND a hot tub AND a sauna. It should be a nice 4 days! Then Friday I’m off to Surfer’s Paradise…please, someone tell that to TDons!

In any case, after leaving Sydney Thursday we headed up to Surf Camp in Arroway Bay. Met some cool people (pix TK, hopefully if they upload), and we’ve been palling around here ever since. Our lovely driver, Trigger, played cheesy music the entire way hence TriggerFM.

Surf Camp was an experience, to say the least — upon pulling in the first thing we saw were the instructor’s nobs hanging out. Lovely. (I didn’t actually see it, but some did.) It was a Hawaiiaan themed party that night, so we all had leis on, though the instructors opted to wear little Hawaiaan dresses as well. Partyed a bit, ran down to the beach to have another party by a bonfire, then to bed. The next day we were up at 6:30 to eat breakfast, then go down and learn to surf. I did OK, not great, not terribly bad. Maybe I’ll take another lesson in Surfer’s, but we’ll see. At this point I think it’s more about getting out there, finding a good learning spot and practicing and practicing and practicing some more.

Byron is gorgeous – I can see why people never leave. Today I biked up to the most eastern point in Australia, up by the Byron Lighthouse. This afternoon it’s the beach and snorkeling!


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