Matt, Dan and Sam


Matt, Sam and Dan.

22, 23, 32; all English!

One thing I’m sure most would tell you about Matt is that he is loud. Not loud, obnoxious loud, just loud. If you’ve ever got to find the kid in a bar, just follow the Nottingham accent.

Matt, Dan and Sam have been traveling together since doing the Kiwi Experience in New Zealand. Dan, the perpetual third wheel (though those two are hard not to enjoy), is 32 and from the south of London. Matt and Sam are from Nottingham.

Quote of the week: “My daddy’s a doctor!” (Don’t ask)

Somehow, Dan and Matt convinced me it would be a good idea to watch 28 Weeks Later with them. It was not. Especially when Dan jumped me (as a zombie) immediately following the film. I hit him so hard my hand hurt, then proceeded to shake until I reached my bed at the YHA across the street.

But really, they’re cool!


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