The woooorst week so far. Enter at your own risk.


Perhaps the demons were out and about this week? The rest was bad, but at least Halloween was great. A happy picture to distract from the thoughts below…

This has been a bad, bad week.

I guess it’s inevitable, you have good times and bad times in life, you’ll have good times and bad times while traveling. It’s been really good so far, so I was due for a bad spell.

Of course, it started with losing the camera in Byron Bay. Luckily, Byron Bay being Byron Bay, it did not completely ruin my time there; I just took it in stride as one (major) setback and tried to stay positive.

Next, enter Surfer’s Paradise. Becky and I knew it would be bad, and, as you all know, we were right. Saturday was depressing enough, we hated the place, and spending a ton of money on the new camera did not help.

Sunday was spent waiting around and trying to entertain ourselves until the bus came to take us far, far away. Though my timesheet said 3:30 p.m., Becky called to confirm because daylight savings time kicked in the 28th in Australia. Queensland, however, does not recognize DST, so the timing was a bit confusing. Anyways, Becky called to double check the time — 4:30 or 3:30 — and the Oz Ex girl told her 4:30. “You must have an old timetable or something,” she said. “It’s definitely 4:30.” Right.

It wasn’t.

We pulled in at 4 p.m. — early — only to see the Oz bus pulling out. The southbound bus showed up moments later, and the driver (Trigger’s brother, Frat!) attempted to sort us out. By then there were 5 of us; another group of three had called to confirm and were told 4:30 p.m. as well. We had to pay for the Greyhound bus up to Brisbane, but were told Oz would reimburse us. Riiiight. “Call tomorrow, accounts is closed today because it’s Sunday, and I promise they’ll sort you out. It’s on your file,” Frat said. I called today. It wasn’t.

So we miss zorbing, a sort of water slide in a plastic ball thing, only to take the slowest bus every up to Brisbane, where we were faced with the depressing fact we did NOT have Justin Timberlake tickets. After a crap night of laundry and a few overeager 21-year-olds, we headed to bed. I was in the room with Karen and Joni from Sydney, who were up from Sydney for JT, but because we got in so late we didn’t even have time for a drink or dinner.

Oh yes, and the hostel was having a bedbug “problem” on the first floor. I was on 3, but it didn’t help that Karen burst out of bed at one point screaming, “I have bed bugs!” They were flies, but at that point it didn’t matter. I slept about 3 hours. The next day, I got my period! How fun!

Next day: rain, rain, and more rain. We arrived in Noosa at about 10:30 a.m., and immediately made big plans to go kayaking in the afternoon, then out that night. Instead, we slept until dinner. Yummy Mexican, shit trivia night. The bar was empty, but we made the best of it and ended up having a half-decent night. I was keeping myself entertained by texting with Kiwi Daniel, until some idiot came up to me, shouted “Stop texting!” grabbed my phone, and literally snapped it in half. Helen and I sat there starting at each other for a minute, gaping at the two phone halves in each of my palms. 30 seconds later, I burst into tears and stormed off to my room.

Adam and Matt, a random guy we’d been hanging out with, were my knights in shining armor. Yay for boys, right? They came to the rescue, dragged me back to the bar to point out the guy, and somehow convinced him to go to the ATM to pay for the phone. He gave me $150. I’ll see if that pays for a phone tomorrow. It freaking better.

On top of all that, they didn’t have sheets at the desk when I asked (you’ve got to pay a $5 deposit and a $1.50 “wash” fee. Ridiculous) so I slept under my towel and fleece.

So today, we had booked tickets to do the Australia Zoo. Lots of crocs, Steve Irwin and roos. It was a great day, and after all that had happened, I was grateful for that. I even held a koala! So you can imagine my surprise when I got back to the room, went to take off my Converse and realized my flip-flops were nowhere to be found. I’d worn them in the bathroom in the morning, then changed into my Converse to go to the zoo. I’d left them right next to the bed. Gone, baby, gone. The cleaners had been in — so I’m sure one of them thought they were cute and nicked ‘em.

If it’s one thing, it’s everything, isn’t it?

I went to the grocery store to cheer up and relax; there’s just something zen-like about walking up and down every single aisle. Perhaps it’s the sweet comfort of food everywhere. And in front of the grocery store, voila, a scale! Finally. I put in a $1 coin, and stepped on. Probably not the smartest thing to do considering the state I was in, but I had to know.

And of course, on top of everything else — the camera, Surfer’s, the bus, the period, the phone and the shoes — I have officially gained 10 pounds.

Shit week.

Let’s hope my luck changes soon.


5 responses to “The woooorst week so far. Enter at your own risk.

  1. very good that you a re learning all about life and having some serious fun doing it… Hope things get on the upswing for you. Love.

  2. umm…YOU HELD A KOALA!!! i think that erases all the bad things about the week personally 🙂 or at least 75% miss u!! sent u a long e-mail so check it out

  3. umm…YOU HELD A KOALA!!! i think that erases all the bad things about the week personally or at least 75% miss u!! sent u a long e-mail so check it out

  4. Hi Robin…just catching up! I haven’t been on here in awhile. But OMG — I’ve gained ten pounds too AND I didn’t get to hold a koala or go to surf camp. So look on the bright side 🙂

    P.S. I might have actually literally murdered the phone snatcher.

  5. so cheesy but… when it’s bad, it’s soooo bad.
    but when it’s good… it can’t possibly be beaten.
    sounds like so much fun. v jealous!
    sending you love from nyc. xoxo.

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