Ohhhh Doreen. Doreen is the sweetest little Dutchie, and by the end of our time together (she left yesterday) I felt like her protector. She hooked up with Dave (above) the first night I got to Magnetic, but, being a guy, he decided he was “over it” and ignored her the rest of the time. She even extended her time here because she asked him if he wanted to chill for a bit longer and he, of course, said yes. Turns out “yes” meant “I’m going to say yes now, then ignore you and flirt with other girls for the next two days.” He’s a nice guy, but I gave him a piece of my mind. His excuse, “But I’m traaaaaaaaveling.” Pshhht. Men. Oh yeah, and the next night she hooked up with another English guy named Sy on the beach. I met him in Hervey Bay and keep seeing him up the coast, and while he’s nice enough, he’s just uhhhh, well, I wouldn’t go there. As soon as Adam told me they went down to the beach, I grabbed Ramon the Kiwi and we ran after her. No luck, but the next morning she said, “That was YOU!” I said, “Yesssss, I tried to save you!” She said, “Oh. Yeah, I kind of regret it.” Um, duh. Oh Doreen!


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