Sean and Emma


It’s bad I’ve waited this long to get Emma up here. I met her at the Scary Canary in Sydney! I think she may actually be in a few pictures from Bondi Beach, because she came along that day, but I know I haven’t said much about her.

She’s one of the people I’ve run into about 8,000 times up the coast, and we finally ended up in Cairns together at the same time. We’ve hung out in Byron Bay, Magnetic Island and now here. She was the other main organizer of Thankgsiving, and the girl makes a mean potato! She just turned 27 on the 21st, so send her wishes J

Sean is — well, Sean. That’s all I can say. Boy is from outside Chicago, loves to dance even though he can’t, and always seems to get lost in places. When we stopped in Tully on the way to Mission Beach for a quick bathroom break he disappeared for 1/2 hour, the bus left without him, and he ended up taking a school bus back to the hostel. Amazing. Like I said Sean is — well, Sean.


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