Dad Time 101

Up until now, I’ve posted photos to add to my stories.

But I think “Dad Time” is best experienced through pictures.

Nights in hotels: 18


My bed in Rydges Queenstown. Uh. Maz. Ing. Do you remember the tent!?!?

Fancy Dinners: 18


This is Whitewater in Manly Beach. We ate overlooking the ocean, then took the ferry back to Sydney. My favorite other meals were the top of Queenstown at the Skyline restaurant buffet and Pony in Sydney. One of the best meals I’ve ever eaten in my life.

Overpriced (but awesome) wildlife excursions: 2


Underwater at the Sydney Aquarium.


I did not know these existed. It’s a sea dragon!


 We met this little guy outside Dunedin. Penguins, yay!

Symphonies at the Opera House: 1


Playing Schubert’s Great Symphony.

Days in Rohan: 2



Wow, I love Lord of the Rings.  I could have spent a week in Queenstown. My favorite spot in NZ!

Bungys: 0




And no.

Days spent with “Oldies” (but goodies!): 7


That’s the Skyline Restaurant in Queenstown.  Meet Lizzie, Georgie, Vic, Cathryn and Bernard!


Our “Coach Captain” Gordon. 

Farming magazines: 25


Vintage Tractor!? I am far, far away from New York City.

Mouths dropped when faced with first young, cute boy in over a week: 1


That’s Simon, our glacier guide.

Pretty flowers: Millions!


You get the idea. I was a first class tourist — backpacker no longer. I ate well, gained weight, threw my used towels on the floor and did tons of activities. And I saw a lot of sheep!!!

Also, new pics of Cairns and Cape Trib on Flickr. I’m catching up!


3 responses to “Dad Time 101

  1. Great pictures. Love the farming magazines photo!! Looks like you’re seeing a lot of amazing sights.

  2. Love the photos, Rob! Looks like you had an unforgettable time with your Dad.

  3. You had better have a copy of antique tractor for me.

    BTW, I have been tasked with selling this car while we are in Australia:

    No joke! It is Right Hand Drive, so we figure I may actually succeed.

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