“Living” in Sydney


Hanging at home with my Sydney roomies. Meet Magnus and Natalie! (Again. I met them way back when during Surry Hills festival!)

Yes, I admit it, I’ve been a bit MIA these past two weeks.

In fact,  when I arrived in Sydney, and especially my current home in Surry Hills, I expected I’d be posting more often, not less. After all, I had unlimited internet access. Could I ask for more?

But after a few days I found I actually felt as if I was living in Sydney. I found a job at a travel agency, acquired my own room and six lovely housemates and set about making plans with my friends in Sydney. I was no longer a backpacker — I met up for drinks with Kiwi Daniel and Karen, both serious Sydney-siders by now, and went to shows and dinners with Briyah, my friend and new housemate. I haven’t met anyone new, other than friends of friends. It’s as if I’d moved here; making a life with the people I know, creating work opportunities and spending, yes, countless hours on the Internet checking gossip columns. Just like home, right?

So what would I write about on my travel blog? I suppose I could have documented my grocery shopping trips, my nights spent chilling at home with my new roommates, my beautiful morning kayaking on Sydney Harbor, my double feature at the movies (Enchanted, Darjeeling Limited – both great!), but it felt to me like that wasn’t necessarily travel — it was living.  Which, you know, is kind of boring! Excpet not, because I’m in Sydney going to the beach while I should be working at home. Yeah, I know, I should have blogged. Anyway!

But New Years, New Years, well, that’s far from boring. Right? Especially if it’s spent partying on Bondi Beach. For basically as long as I’ve had this trip planned, I’ve wanted to go to Bondi to see Groove Armada for New Year’s Eve. Tickets were sold out, so I checked Ebay, Craigslist and the Aussie Craigslist, Gumtree. Over $200, all of them. In Cairns, I almost bought a ticket from Scottish Louie for $200, but held out. And finally, after all that and all other plans falling through, I bought a ticket for $150 at 1 p.m. New Year’s Eve. Amazing! I met up with Reaghan and Chris, my lovely Boston friends (thanks J!) and we watched the 9 p.m. fireworks, hitched a ride to Bondi and proceeded to have a ridiculous night. Then I lost Chris, lost Reaghan and made it home on my own by 3 a.m. A night I’ll never forget…well, from what I can remember 😉

And now, my dear readers, the drought is over — my brother Jeff, his girlfriend Crystal and I will be hopping in the World Nomads ambassador van January 7, and I will be blogging my little bum off on a very regular basis for a full month. First stop Melbourne!


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