Just one more week


I’ve only got one more week in Sydney — one more week!

To make the most of it, I figure I better get out there and see everything I previously thought I’d have heaps of time to do. This includes visiting new neighborhoods, shopping for souvenirs and going to as many gigs as monetarily possible.

What I love about Sydney, it should be noted, is its endless dedication to free entertainment. There have been events all month for the Chinese New Year, and Saturday I finally made it down to Darling Harbour to watch the dragon boat races. It’s a serious rowing sport, and teams ranged from senior citizen clubs to school teams. Even better, the $60 Bondi Lifesaving Club sweatshirt I wanted was on sale for $20 in Darling Harbour. Looks like the year of the Rat will be a lucky one!

Sunday brought Sydney the annual Tropfest — billed as the world’s largest short film festival in the world. Some 150,000 people participate in every state capital around Australia, and the judging panel this year included Geoffrey Rush and Naomi Watts. It’s all free (take that Tribeca), and it’s a fantastic day. Karen and I bought picnic stuffs from Woolie’s and set up our feast in the park. We spent the day lounging around, eating, drinking and watching 16 extraordinary short films about murder, mouse racing, young love, sharks and more. In the end, Marry Me, a short film about what we do for love, even when we’re young, won the big prize: a trip to LA to meet with industry big-wigs. Karen and I also made a date — Tropfest NY will be held October 11 in Battery Park.

On tap this week; making the most out of Sydney:

Souvenir shopping at Paddy’s Market

The Essential Tour of the Opera House

Pubs and markets in Balmain (a cool nabe in the North)

A gala dinner with Briyah Tues night

Rocky Horror Picture show opening night

Dan Deacon at the Oxford Arts Factory

Pics and more (VDay, Tropfest, etc.) on Flickr.com/photos/sillyrobin 


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