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Lorna and Amy


Two lovely English girls, two lovely, lovely wardrobes. I love all of their clothes! Part of the Thanksgiving crew, these girls rock. Though Lorna did keep insisting we get Christmas-colored napkins for the Thanksgiving table. With little trees and stars on them. I denied. Thanksgiving not Christmas! In all seriousness, I had a blast cooking dinner with them, and I’ll miss them when I head back to Sydney. We’ll be together for Cape Trib tomorrow, then all at Gilligans until I go Thursday.


Chris and Will


Chris and Will are traveling with Sean, Lorna and Amy. The fab five, if you will. Chris is 24 and from Wales, Will is uh, young, and from Wales. We’ve been hanging since Maggie Island, and I’ll have to say bye when I finally leave for Sydney next week.

Sean and Emma


It’s bad I’ve waited this long to get Emma up here. I met her at the Scary Canary in Sydney! I think she may actually be in a few pictures from Bondi Beach, because she came along that day, but I know I haven’t said much about her.

She’s one of the people I’ve run into about 8,000 times up the coast, and we finally ended up in Cairns together at the same time. We’ve hung out in Byron Bay, Magnetic Island and now here. She was the other main organizer of Thankgsiving, and the girl makes a mean potato! She just turned 27 on the 21st, so send her wishes J

Sean is — well, Sean. That’s all I can say. Boy is from outside Chicago, loves to dance even though he can’t, and always seems to get lost in places. When we stopped in Tully on the way to Mission Beach for a quick bathroom break he disappeared for 1/2 hour, the bus left without him, and he ended up taking a school bus back to the hostel. Amazing. Like I said Sean is — well, Sean.

Scott and Sophie


I met Scott and Sophie in Hervey Bay — way back when before Fraser Island. They are the cutest couple. She’s only 18, he’s 23, but they’ve been all over China and Australia already. She’s a laugh, and I think she’s getting to Cairns tonight.

The one thing about poor Sophie I hate to tell everyone is that she is seriously allergic to bed bugs and she’s gotten them twice. Her entire body was covered with red bites the last time I saw her, and it was painful to see. She gets me more scared of bed bugs than any literature or horror stories out there. Knock on wood she won’t get them again. Everyone!



On the left. Aaron. Aaron is the shy guy who always seems to be there when you turn around. La la la la la, talking to people, then all of the sudden, “Oh, Aaron, I didn’t see you there!” You know the guy.

He’s a sweet guy from England, who always seems to be arrrrroundddddd. I’ll prob see him all the way up to Cairns!

Trigger and “the Welsh girls”


I think I mentioned Trigger earlier as my second Oz driver from Sydney to Byron, but here he is again. Soon he’ll be teaching horseriding out in Montana! I told him when he comes to NYC we’d show him a good time, so we better!

I keep seeing “the Welsh girls” as well; ever since Kroombit. The one not pictured here is a Welsh actress, and is actually kind of famous there. Kewl!



My American bud! I met Karla in Kroombit, and managed to run into each other again here. She was my lovely driver for Moke day, and we’re hoping to do Thanksgiving together next Thursday in Cairns. I seriously hope we do! I need an American bud for the holiday, otherwise I’ll be super-depressed. She’s from Virginia, wears her Virginia Tech shirt everywhere, and talks with a slow, southern drawl. She’s a belle J