Reverse Culture Shock: L.A. Austin. New York. New York.


Stole this from KrisKros on Flickr. Go look him up – cool stuff. 

Top 10 initial observations about America, from an American:

10. So. Many. Houses. SO MANY PEOPLE.

9. That stereotype about Americans being loud? We are loud.

8. More cars = more psycho, angry, bad, bad, bad drivers = immediate stress level increase.

7. Blackberries. iPhones. Business: All. The. Time.

6. Ambition. A lot of it.

5. We have a diverse, diverse country. Everyone truly looks different.

4. Having the same color money is lame. (Yay $5 purple bills!) I miss $2 coins.

3. Celebrity obsession has gone way too far. And I’m an entertainment journalist! They like their celebs down there, but TMZ following ex-Real Worlder Eric Nies in a parking lot to make fun of him for looking like “Jesus”? Too far people, too far.

2. Grey. Smoggy. Hard. Dirty. Everything seems a shade darker. Perhaps that’s because it still feels like winter. Perhaps it’s because it is.

1. We stink at saving this planet. We should be striving to set the standard, and we are years behind everyone else. Complete and utter disdain for the environment by our government. I actually forgot people used Styrofoam. Forgot! Disgraceful.


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