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I’ve already posted twice, but:

I’ve got to get my latest underage crush (sorry Zac) on here.

I’m completely into Australian Idol and even though I’m on a pre-paid phone plan, I’m seriously doubting my ability to withhold voting for my new love, Matt Corby.

Officially part of the Matt Pack!


Grand Final Feeeeevaaaaahhh

Holy Geelong!


Hottie Geelonga Jimmy Bartel.

As you all know by know, I’m an avid Kangaroos supporter (Go Shannon!), but I couldn’t help but get excited about the Grand Final this Saturday. Continue reading

Aside in Melbourne — or — Mission Statement: Revised

Ok, it’s been a few days, I’ve had a little time to disappear, and I think that’s a good thing. I know I said one of my goals was to write every day, but now I think sometimes you can’t really realize what your goals are until you attempt them. Continue reading

Yum, apple salad for $12!

I ordered a $12 “Waldorf” salad last night. Apparently, that meant a bowl of sliced apple and some raisins.


Wow. At least it tasted good! Continue reading

The down low on Brownlow

Every year on the Monday night before the Grand Final, the AFL’s best and fairest gather for the Brownlow Medal ceremony. The medal is granted to the player with the most votes for best player in the league.

For the guys, it’s the culmination of one long, dirty, difficult year of football. For the girls, it’s the culmination of one long, dirty, difficult year of shopping for the perfect dress.

One of the other girlfriends came over and we watched the red carpet special and awards. Let me tell you, it’s way more fun to hear running commentary from people who actually know the girls strutting their stuff. Comments like, “Omigod, Chantelle’s boobs don’t fit in that dress!” are truly priceless. A Geelong player named Jimmy Bartel won the thing, but more importantly, here are my votes for best dressed:

One of my faves. 

My “omigod” moment.

More here.


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Shut Up And Drive

I’ve always wanted to take a photography class. Actually, at this point, I’d settle for someone showing me how to use the different settings on my camera. All I do is point…and…click. Kind of sad. However, there are some sights beautiful enough to do just that. Just looks good no matter what you do. Observe:

More pix and info about my trip after the jump… Continue reading